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Reference Student Training: Orientation



Reference Student Training

Library philosophy and your role - meet the library director

Employment Forms and Payroll (with reference supervisor)


Personnel policies (with reference supervisor)

  • €    Department library student assistant policies and expectations form.
    •   Have students sign form and place in student's personal mail slot
      •     Homework is only allowed when other tasks are complete and if it's not busy
      • €    Please do not engage in unnecessary conversations excessively
      • €    Personal telephone calls are allowed only for emergencies
      • €    Please dress appropriately for work
      •     Cell phone use/texting is not allowed at the desk
      •     Personal computer use such as Facebook, Pinterest, online shopping and entertainment, etc. are to be kept to a minimum while at work.
  •  €    Review absence policy: 

    Planned absence:

    • Try to find a sub by emailing
    • If you can’t get a sub, notify Brad, Kelsey or Jill of planned absence. If they are not available, notify any librarian/library staff.

    Unplanned absence (i.e. illness, emergency)

    • It is best to email That way the message is sure to reach someone.
    • If you prefer to call, you can call any of the librarians/library staff – starting with Brad, Kelsey or Jill. It is best not to just leave a message on an answering machine, because if that person is also out for the day, no one will get your message. It is best to talk to someone in person when possible. (Keep in mind that Brad works afternoons and evenings. Jill and Kelsey are usually in by 8:15 or so.
    • If you must leave a phone message, it is best to leave it on the reference desk phone, 715-836-3858

      •  €    Performance review process
        • Done annually in spring semester
        • Mid-semester conference to check in



      • UW-Eau Claire email for messages from us
        • Setting up rules for organizing work-related email
        • Check at the beginning of each shift


       Library Orientation

      • €    Research and Instruction Office Suite
        •  Student mail slots
        • Supplies
        • Storage of personal belongings
        • Copy machine and printers
      • €    Departmental introductions 
      • €    Tour of first floor:
      • reference stacks
      • restrooms
      •  instruction lab
      •  return carts
      •  assistive technology
      •  handicapped seating
      • government publications
      • circulation, printers
      • copy machines
      • scanners
      • change machine
      • Helpdesk
      • Library tour: introduction to other departments and staff

      €    Reference desk

      • Log on
      • Set up chat
      • Add printers
      • Make shortcut to LIBSTATS:
      NOTE: students do not have access to the reference mailbox and room schedules online

      • €  


      Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.